pun’kin & orca

I just know there is a universal link between cat lovers. No matter where you are or what you do, cat people are united in their love for furballs. So meet Chris‘s new furry friends, Pun’kin and Orca. I have never met Chris in person, only via email, but we share a love for comics and cats. He owns a humongous amount of the first and 2 of the last. Strike that: 4. This week he will introduce kitties Orca and Pun’kin to his household felines. I can’t say it better than him, so here’s Chris himself.

“Well, I went to the rescue again this past weekend and spent about 90 minutes with all the kitties.  I could have just spent the entire day there,they were all so wonderful!  I ended up deciding on adopting Pun’kin and her littermate, Orca.  Photos attached.  I should be able to bring them home on Thursday or Friday this week.  I’m very excited, but also a bit nervous because I hope the two cats I have now accept the new kittens and all can peacefully coexist.  I’m still committed to making it work though.  I think 4 is going to be my absolute limit on cats though, but I’d eventually like to also adopt a small rescue dog and maybe even a rabbit at some point.”Pun'kin

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